Individualized Health Comes, In Part, From Within: YOU Are an Expert on YOU

When it comes to diet and exercise, YOU are one of the valued experts on your health team. After all, who has spent the most time getting to know what your body needs and likes?  However, it will likely take some time for you to practice listening to your own body. Why? Because the processed foods of our modern diet as well as the many constant loud messages from entities that sell us our food have thrown our our awareness off balance. When we are off balance, stressed, distracted, fatigued and if our blood sugar is “off”, it is very hard to tell what our bodies need. We may know intellectually what we should eat but we will gravitate towards other foods because of all the conflicting messages our mind and body are receiving.

The good news is that listening to our body is a fairly simple process. It just comes with a bit of practice. This is where meditation and yoga can enter your life and help you reconnect with that voice from within you. You can learn to distinguish between cravings, boredom and actual hunger.  Of course, while on your journey, you will consult with various experts–doctors, nutritionists, coaches, etc.–but you will make yourself a valued member of the team!  Find a few trusted experts to put on your team and always be looking or new information. Remember that you are the expert on you!

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